Bistro 821 in Naples

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Bistro 821 sandwiched between Chops and other eateries that dot the historic landscape of historic Olde Naples is where East meets West. White tablecloths, candles and beautiful artwork surround you as you dine. This is a hip and happening place. Start out with calamari, baked brie, crab dip or grilled jumbo prawns. Nut and berry, goat cheese, spinach and gorgonzola,

Bistro 41

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The presentation, atmosphere and service all add up to a total Bistro 41 event. Located at Bell Tower (near Saks) in Ft. Myer's, Bistro 41 has multiple seating options: outside to watch shoppers and near fountains, on the North side surrounded by art work and drawn striped curtins, inside at the bar or in the formal dining room. They serve


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Salty's in West Seattle is exemplary in service, view of the city, and a selective menu of seafood, chicken and beef. The bar area has drink specials daily, seven days a week. Prices are good Monday through Friday 3-6 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday 4-6 p.m. and Late Night Daily 9-10 p.m. Food specials in the bar include: fish tacos, sushi

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