Island Cow

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Step into the Island Cow with your family to as they say to experience "udderly great food". Located in downtown Sanibel, this hotspot serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and won't break the bank. Under Cowa Bunga Breakfast, check out pancakes, granola and berries or the usual egg dishes and grits. At lunch, we like the tuna fish, chicken salad, burgers

Starfish Grille on Sanibel

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The Holiday Inn on Sanibel's version of a Tiki Hut is Starfish Grille. A great little hideaway with great drinks and close to the beach. Stop by the bar, pick up a pina colada, banana daiquiri or rum runner and head to the beach. The menu is varied from cold salads to burgers, pizza, grilled cheese with tomato, chicken wings

Sanibel Grill

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Sanibel Grill known for its sports memorabilia, great food, cold drinks, in crowd and good conversation. The Grill is next door neighbors to The Timber's on Sanibel just off Tarpon Point and Gulf Shore Blvd. This is a happening spot with reasonable prices, great service and awesome food. The room is filled with wall to wall TV's. Crunchy grouper, french

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