Step into the Island Cow with your family to as they say to experience “udderly great food”. Located in downtown Sanibel, this hotspot serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and won’t break the bank. Under Cowa Bunga Breakfast, check out pancakes, granola and berries or the usual egg dishes and grits. At lunch, we like the tuna fish, chicken salad, burgers and salads. The portions are big. For dinner, it’s a little of this and little of that. Under the fresh catch there is Fish 1, Fish 2 and Fish 3 where you name your style of cook’in broiled, fried, bronzed, blackened, pan seared, char-grilled, crunchy, BBQ’d, scampi, or coconut fried. The kids love this joint for grilled cheese, BBQ pork sammie, pizza, mac and cheese, clam basket, chicken fingers and fried shrimp. For mom and dad, there is a variety of libations.Island Cow Starbucks is the coffee of choice.