A long time ago, well let’s say the early 80’s, while living in Cleveland, I met a man named “Ted” at an event at Mentor Yacht Club. Little I did I know it was media mogul Ted Turner, who at the time was captain of the America’s Cup. Today, Turner owns Ted’s Montana Grill, a chain specializing in bison. So while you are at Coconut Point in Estero, run in a grab yourself a bison by the horns. The company was founded by Turner who is a bison rancher. Today it has 44 restaurants in 16 states. All bison is National Bison Association-certified; there are other meats and vegetables on the menu. All restaurants are eco-friendly. Try of any of the bison burgers. Whether it be with bleu cheese, avocado or your own selection of toppings. Burgers should be cooked to a temperature of medium. The pickles before the meal are crisp with a great flavor. When you are not in the burger mood, try the pot roast, bison meatloaf or a selection of salads. There are also steaks from ribeye to filet mignon. Don’t forget to add a delicious side of vegetables. Absolutely a must try. The atmosphere is casual yet polished.

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