University Grill located at the corner of Cypress Lake Dr. and Summerlin in Ft. Myers is a great place for a business lunch, meeting friends for happy hour at the bar and dining with the family after a long day at the beach. Check out the daily lunch specials, signature nights and early evening dining from 4 to 5:30 p.m. For lunch, try one of six salads, crunchy grouper sandwich, a burger or a paired down dinner version of fresh fish. At dinner there is a little bit of everything you would expect for an American menu restaurant — prime rib, filet, pork chops, soups, salads, tapas, burgers, italian dishes, and the fish that goes crunch. Nightly at the bar try one of the six choices for six dollars until 7 p.m. There is escargot, shrimp tacos, hot dog sliders, calamari, fried eggplant fries and shrimp cocktail. Part of the Prawnbroker Restaurant Group. On a personal note: this was a favorite of my parents who were Sanibel snowbirds and then full time residents.