We always look forward to spending Saturday mornings at the Cape Coral Farmer’s Market. With grocery list in hand, we check out what our favorite vendors have to offer.

Before we finish though we’ve added a new stop to our list — a food truck called Three Little Birds. The menu is handwritten on a black chalkboard. Selections include soft, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits topped with homemade gravy, eggs your way, potatoes topped with cheese and avocados, burritos and more.

One menu item is named after the food truck – called Three Little Birds which is a biscuit topped with an egg, cheese, and sausage gravy.

Everything is made fresh to order and served piping hot. The servings are well portioned and definitely satisfying.

Checkout out their website daily or follow them on Facebook to find out where the truck of goodness will be next.

Three Little Birds is owned by Micah Pering and Amanda Cravens who are not new to the food service biz.

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